School Hours

Our school day starts at.            8.30am. Please do not drop off students before 8am. Breakfast is available for children if required.

Our school day finishes at.        2.30pm

Office Hours

The school office is open from 8am till 1pm Monday to Friday

Stationery Packs

Stationary packs can be purchases from the school office for $30 each. This cost covers your stationary for one year


Reporting and Absence

Your can report your childs absence in a number of ways. 

Learning Support

If you have any questions regarding your childs learning, behavior or medical need please arrange a meeting with the principal

Digital Technologies

Our school has the resources for our students to be able to learn in a 1:1 device environment. However, as we wish our students to be well rounded learners we blend our day between device based learning and non device activities.

We also have a MAKERSPACE creative learning room.

In this room we hold a full range of art and craft items along with multiple robotics programmes including electronic Lego.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Free School Lunches

Our school is part of the free school lunches programme. Our daily lunches are provided by the team at Aoraki Cafe, Hampton Downs.

School Karakia

Our school start and end our day all together. We begin with a non religious karakia followed by waiata.

This is a very important part of our day where we set our selves up for a successful learning day. We close our day in the same way, being grateful for the day we have experienced.


BMX Pump Track & BMX Bikes

Our school has it's only high quality BMX pump track that our students have access to use during break times. 

We ensure that students follow the safety rules when using the track to limit injuries as best we can.

School provides helments and high end BMX bikes for our students.

We do not allow private bikes on the track during school time as we can not quarantee they are safe.

Students must wear shoes and a helment when on the track.

The track is available to our community outside of school hours.


School Pool & Community Access

Our school is proud to have our own school pool. It is used during Term 1 and Term 4. Our classroom run swimming programmes during the school Term.

We also sell pool keys to member of our local school community. If you are interested in purchasing a pool key, please contact the school office.


School Assembly

Our school holds celebration assemblys most Friday afternoons from 1.45pm. All are welcome to attend.

External Learning Providers

One a weekly basic our students are supported by two permanent learning providers in our school.

Youthtown provide a specilised sports ptogramme and KIWICAN run a vlaues based programme that support our PB4L schoolwide programme.