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Our students finding success in their learning is something that we take very seriously. We prioritise developing creative, engaged learners. We make frequent use of our learning spaces outside the classroom and beyond the school gates.


The best and most successful kind of learning occurs when your child is keen to come to school and participate and collaborate with others. Our school is caring, inclusive, and non-discriminatory.

We strive to create purposeful relationships with the wider school community that will enhance our student's personal growth. Our staff are keen to work with whaanau as key partners in their child's unique learning journey. 

Our Learner Profile

  • Good learners are curious. They wonder about all sorts of things, often about things way beyond their areas of expertise. They love the discovery part of learning;

  • Good learners pursue understanding diligently. They read, explore, engage with their learning and know that not all learning is fun all of the time;

  • Good learners know that experimenting and failing are all part of their learning journey;

  • Good learners ask lots of questions and are happy to share and collaborate with others.  

Our Learner Profile
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